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I offer a variety of approaches to therapeutic healing and personal wellbeing through a range of service offerings. Providing a unique blend of modern and ancient expertise, my aim is to fulfill the CALM ALCHEMIST mission of practicing mindfulness and complete immersion  in every service I offer.

Contact me if you'd prefer to learn more about my services and what the best fit for you is.

alchemy body

120mins  $110

Alchemy combines a unique set of energy healing modalities to soothe and calm, realign, revitalise, balance and ground.  In your Alchemy session you will receive grounding and clearing sage, followed by hot stones to release and relax tension in muscles, an ancient ayurvedic chakra balancing technique using wildflower essences, crystal grids are placed around and on the body to support and amplify healing energies, I incorporate Reiki to soothe, heal & calm, and we clear, energise and activate potential healing energies within every single cell inside the body with the sound frequencies and vibrations of crystal and Tibetan Singing bowls.

All culminating in a divine experience that needs to be felt

to be understood.

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bowl bliss

75mins  $75

A unique and specific singing bowl experience that will calm and soothe all the senses, activating waves of healing energies that are absorbed by every cell in our body.  This session involves using the bowls for energy and body work to help relieve tension, improve your bodies healing capacity, soothe, calm and relax body, mind and spirit.

Vibrational healing naturally begins the bodies own inherent healing mechanisms to reduce pain, energise, restore vital energy flow and bring a sense of health & wellbeing. Includes a meditation sound bath where you can just float away into bliss, allowing the vibrations to do all the work for your alchemising.


wildflower essence therapy

90 -120mins   $95

Flower Essences are subtle healing preparations that hold the unique healing properties of a particular flower.  These properties trigger natural mechanisms in a person to help restore emotional balance and wellbeing.  

In our therapy session we discover which flowers relate to your individual needs in this moment, in this way we create a specific blend of essences - a remedy, that can have profound effects on your emotional wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.


colour analysis

90mins   $95

Colour Analysis finds the colours that love you best. The right colours make you shine, complement your natural vibes and give you that inner glow.  They complement you and can make your life easier, more confident and more functional, saving you lots of time, energy and money.  Can you afford not to know what suits you best? Imagine being able to go to your clothing, accessories and makeup every day knowing with confidence that each and every peice works for you and with each other beautifully.  

personal styling

120mins   $129

Follow up or in addition to your Colour analysis.  We determine your unique body shaping, structure, balance, personality styling, and  work wardrobe magic. Our shape, features, and structure lend themselves to certain complementary patterns, shapes and structures, when we know what our unique makeup is, we can follow those lines to coordinate the most balanced, natural and unique styling that makes us feel amazing.


facial alchemy

60mins   $95

Facial alchemy incorporates all the regular skin therapy steps like cleansing, exfoliation, peels, serum infusion, hot towels and masks. Along with face, decolletage and shoulder massage, then completed with skin nutrition and barrier protection. 

I will be using an all natural botanical range of products called Keoné.  An Australian, vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty free, mostly organic, range of skin care. Keoné does not have any nasty chemicals or toxic ingredients and only the most natural preservatives.  It has been scientifically sourced and tested for its efficacy and results on a  range of skins. Each skin therapy facial will be tailored specifically for your skins condition at the time of treatment. 

Keone is designed to reignite your skins natural function and radiance, by providing a range of ingredients that your skin will love and recognise, complementing your own natural chemistry. 

This 60min therapy will also include aromatherapy essential oils & flower essences massage, and a small resonant sound bath.


divine alchemy

90 mins   $129

Restoring youthful radiance, this divine compilation of relaxation and skin care, aids in reducing the signs and causes of visible ageing.


From lightening and brightening pigmentation, soothing, and calming stressed out skin and mind, hydrating,  plumping or, to clean, clear and detoxify.

These unique signature treatments will include modalities such as, hot stones, crystals, gua sha lymphatic massage, wildflower essences, aromatherapy essential oils, massage, reiki, and sound resonance healing.  Along with all the usual skin care perfection of Keone, as described above.


All culminating in the creation of a completely unique signature treatment that alchemises stressed out minds, body’s, and skins….. into peace, calm, and tranquil equilibrium.


alchemised bliss

180mins   $169

Imagine combing the complete bliss of the alchemy body treatment with the sheer decadence of the divine alchemy facial. 


If you are after some serious pampering, amazing time for self care, nurturing, grounding and revitalsing then you might consider alchemised bliss, the perfect blend of singing bowl healing resonance with the absolute perfection of specialised skin care and love.

All Keone products are made with your health and healing as their main priority, feel the difference as the energy of flower essences, organic botanical products and resonance of crystal bowls drift you away into peace, balance and realignment, the perfect antidote for todays stressful times.


 waxing & tinting

30 - 45mins from $15

"If our eyes are the window to the soul, then our eyebrows are

the picture frame"



EYEBROW WAX & SHAPE - Perfectly styled eyebrows for your features & colouring makes a difference.  I focus on re-styling the most enhancing & balanced shape, styled just for you & your unique colouring & structure.   $20

EYEBROW TINT - The right shade of tint is then applied that will naturally enhance your organic inherent colouring.  This gives depth, definition, clarity and enhances the natural shape, it should not overwhelm.   $15

EYELASH TINT - Giving lashes the depth they need to look amazing whether mascara’d or not, most eyelash tints are blue black, being the most intense and darkest of shades, however, I assess whether this is right for you and customise each tint to match your colouring the most. Sometimes it may be a brown black or even charcoal.   $20

EYE COMBO - Perfecting our eyebrow shape, adding a tint, and an eyelash tint, is the perfect trio for a flawless base, especially essential for holidays away, and less time needed on the daily.   $45

FACIAL WAXING - Depending on the area’s needed, this is individual pricing for either lip, chin, or facial areas of waxing.   $10-15

Eyebrow Plucking

skin analysis consultation

If this will be your first Skin Alchemy Facial with me, your session will also include a complementary 30-45 min thorough skin analysis & wellness consultation that will help me determine the current condition of your skin and all contributing factors and concerns. 


Following this I can effectively formulate a skin health and home care prescription program just for you.   This wellness consultation can also be booked as its own session or online through facetime or zoom for greater clarification on holistic health & skin concerns.

These sessions are truly one of a kind therapy treatments that incorporate a compilation of many years’ experience and modalities all designed to offer the individual an alchemising effect that brings you back into harmony, balance, and restoration.  From this point forward, the body, mind and soul can repair, regenerate, and heal. 


Not only this but with the use of energy medicine in sound frequencies and wildflower essences, both vibrationally healing, you have the restoration of energy that will help transform blockages and beliefs that limit your confidence and ultimately your full potential. 

This Skin & Lifestyle Consultation is also available as a stand alone session for 60 mins.  -  $45    (in salon or online)

Relaxing Massage

gratitude diary

This is a shout out about this wonderful Gratitude Diary/Journal by Melanie Spears and her team of divine feminine wisdom.  I have just ordered my 2022 edition, and if you’ve never had this one before, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

It is divinely beautiful, filled with heavenly reminders, stories, and all together stunning pictures, articles, planners, quotes, intentions, moon info, and random wonder.  It was first gifted to me last year and has been my soul companion all through.

Some days it gets filled with only gratitude’s, while others might be emotionally releasing, either way its been a mental health check, a recognition initiator, reminder to reconnect and always, always, always to be grateful.

You can order next years now from https://givingthanks.com.au/shop-gratitude-diary/ref/490/ 

or press link BUY NOW

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